LSRII flow cell lasers: photo by David Parks

LSRII flow cell lasers: photo by David Parks




april | on the origins of B-1 cells

Eliver Ghosn and 10 other independent investigators published a Science eLetter in response to the new research article by Graf et al. (Science, Feb 15, 2019). Science magazine also ran a piece about our eLetter, highlighted as Online Buzz in the Letters section of the journal.


april | highlighted researcher

Eliver was the featured faculty in the Emory’s Daily Pulse website.


march | new lab member

Mackenzie "Landi" White is an undergraduate at Emory University (Class of 2022) seeking a B.S. in Biology. Her past research experience includes interning at the CDC in the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, where she studied chemical toxicity, and conducting a senior research project studying the facial human microbiome.

In the Ghosn Lab, Landi will work with Astrid Kosters to learn the various mouse models and single-cell techniques to study the fetal-derived tissue-resident immune cells.

Welcome to the team, Landi!


january | CTID Symposium on hi-d single-cell technologies

Eliver Ghosn will join Greg Gibson to discuss the current state in hi-d single-cell technologies, particularly the pros and cons of current pipelines for scRNA-seq data analysis. Join us at Georgia Tech campus (Marcus NanoTechnology Building) on January 30 at 9am.

Register here.